WP5 Deliverables

D5.1 - Description of developed ex-situ functional characterisation techniques (M15)

Abstract: The proton-exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is a promising lowtemperature fuel cell for CO2 neutral electrification of vehicles. However, marketability requires reduced stack cost and improved lifetime. One costly component is the gas diffusion layer (GDL). The task of reducing GDL cost requires measuring the important physical GDL properties, so that they can be optimised both in terms of cost and function. This report describes the development of measurement methods of physical GDL properties for convective transport, electrical bulk conductivity and contact resistance.

D5.2 – Specification and functional evaluation of initial HIGHLANDER low-cost GDL (M18) - CONFIDENTIAL

Abstract: The report describes the development of a low-cost single layer GDL. Fuel cell vehicles represent an environmentally friendly alternative to combustion vehicles. However, production costs must be significantly reduced for a mass market launch. This can be achieved, for example, through more cost-effective component designs and manufacturing methods. The HIGHLANDER low-cost-GDL approach aims to halve the scaled production cost forecast for 2030 of today’s GDL with MPL without compromising cell performance. The HIGHLANDER GDL can be produced with fewer and less expensive process steps, specifically avoiding the costly high-temperature processes used in today's GDL manufacturing.

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