WP7 Deliverables

D7.1 - Project website (M3)

Abstract: The HIGHLANDER project website is designed to fullfil project communication and dissemination needs for the benefit of the whole scientific community and the public through relevant information including:

  • project overall objectives, partner & work packages information
  • project activities: news, meetings
  • project progress: technical publications, conference presentations, public domain reports
  • project contact information

All the partners will collectively participate in the dissemination objective of the website by providing up-to-date information.

D7.2 - Dissemination and knowledge management protocol (M4) - CONFIDENTIAL

Abstract: This report describes the dissemination protocol for the HIGHLANDER project to be used each time a partner wants to communicate or disseminate project results. The procedure for “Open Access” of peer reviewed research articles, internal rules, information on support from the EU and the strategy for Knowledge Management within the project are also reported.

D7.3 - Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation including Communication activities (M6)

Abstract: This plan for dissemination and exploitation including communication activities, provides a catalogue of planned dissemination, exploitation, and communication measures tailored to the various target audiences.

D7.4 – Data Management Plan (M30) - CONFIDENTIAL

Abstract: The HIGHLANDER partners will responsibly manage the project research data in line with the FAIR principles of ‘Findability’, ‘Accessibility’, ‘Interoperability’ and ‘Reusability’ and by ensuring open access to research data under the principle of ‘as open as possible, as closed as necessary’. As a minimum, open access will be given to the results needed to validate the conclusions of the project publications. They will also carefully study the possibility and relevance of making FAIR other data collected, processed and/or generated in the frame of the project and other research outputs.

The DMP will be updated during the project if important changes to the project occur due to inclusion of new data sets, changes in consortium policies or external factors.

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